JMA AccountImport

Import from Oracle POS (cash registers) to accounting
AccountImport automatically imports daily reports from Oracle POS and creates journal entries in your accounting system. With AccountImport you no longer have to calculate and transfer the number manually. Less work and no incorrect entries.

AccountImport gets your daily sales each day and creates journaling entries based on the settings in your accounting software. In many of the popular systems on the market this is fully automated. JMA will configure your tenders, main product groups and other settings and the journaling entries will appear without you having to do anything.

Automatic journaling
AccountImport currently supports automatic imports to Fortnox, Visma eEkonomi, Björn Lundén, Visma e-conomi and Tripletex with many more systems on the way. If your system currently is not supported or if you do not want automatic imports you can download your journal entries as GBAT10 or SIE4 files. With these you can manually import sales but without labor and without incorrect numbers. If your system is not supported today contact JMA and we will do our best to get automated import for you.

We support big and small businesses
AccountImport supports businesses with many departments in the same place or few or one departments in many different locations.

The system is developed in close contact with Oracle and JMA closely follows any changes Oracle might do. AccountImport is not limited to accounting systems for a specific country, good to know if your business is international.

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There is an installation cost for integrating your company and configuring the import and a monthly cost dependent on how many locations, how many departments you need. Click here for pricelist.
Included in the price are free support, free updates, help with changes in your settings etc.

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